Hi, my name is Neil and am a medical student at Ottawa. CASPer is an often overlooked component of a medical school application but can actually make or break your application. If you perform poorly on the test your application WILL NOT proceed to file review at either uOttawa or Mac. Think of it this way: your GPA takes you 3+ years and CASPer is 90 minutes but both have similar impact on your interview invitation. Because CASPer is a situational judgment test and is thought to be impervious to practiced improvement, many students will wing it only to have disappointing results come interview decisions. But this is not true. I found that had I not practiced and gotten advice from older students, I would not have made improvements or known certain tips that helped me score highly on my CASPer and ultimately get into medical school with a lower wGPA. My service will include running timed practice stations and reviewing your performance with you to help you ace your real CASPer test. Starting early will give you an advantage over those that do not practice or take CASPer as seriously as they should. If you have any questions about the service please contact me here or email me at neil.kamra@gmail.com