Hello future physicians! I am an incoming 1st year student at uOttawa Medicine and have also interviewed at other Canadian medical schools, so I am familiar with the different styles of interviews. Learning how to interview doesn’t come naturally to so many of us and takes a long period of time, but there is never a wrong time to start preparing for it! Interview with me and I can provide you with valuable tools that will mature the way you think about interviews, medicine, and your own experiences. We will work on analyzing different questions, structuring answers, timing responses, reflecting on your personal experiences to really impress your interviewers. During earlier sessions, we can review each question immediately and reattempt them in the same session, but closer to your interview we can do mock interviews with nonstop questions and review at the end.

I have worked with students of all ages and enjoy the challenge that comes with tailoring my advice to different learning styles. But more than anything, I enjoyed seeing my students transform – even over a short duration – and I will similarly commit to helping you to reach your goals. Lastly, I have used different resources and can recommend the ones that have helped me in my personal journey.