The critical analysis and reasoning (CARS) section of the MCAT can be challenging for many students. It takes months of practice and a proven strategy. Often, many students get a high score in all other sections of the MCAT except for the CARS section. However, a competitive CARS score on the MCAT is critical to a successful medical school application, with many schools paying special attention to your CARS score. Therefore, many students re-take their MCAT hoping to improve their CARS score, leading to months of wasted time and possibly a delay in your application process.

My name is Ryan and I have a PhD in English literature. I’ve been tutoring students in English and MCAT for years and have worked as an advisor for an MCAT prep company. During this time, I’ve learned that mastering CARS boils down to a few key skills, which can be taught. This is a 1 hour session, which will cover basics. Based on your skills, it may take a few additional session to really improve your skills. However, if you are committed then I’d be happy to teach you the skills to master the CARS section of the MCAT. Sessions will be held remotely (zoom, skype, etc). See you soon!