I am a medical student at the University of Ottawa. I was interviewed at Queens as well and scored highly on my UBC NAQ in 2017. After applying multiple times, having no interviews the first two times, I have only landed interviews by spending considerable time improving my application writing and can offer guidance that will similarly strengthen your application. 

I will:

  • Review your medical school application in its entirety (ABS, essays, etc)
  • Provide my remarks/feedback + personalized suggestions.
  • Turn over applications within 2 business days but typically faster (same day is possible)

You too can experience the joy and excitement of getting an interview and with your continued effort, ACCEPTED to medical school! If you have specific questions regarding the service feel free to message me.

Note: this service is for ONE application (e.g. OMSAS or UBC) and usually takes me 3 hours to thoroughly edit and provide constructive remarks. If you would like me to review all of your applications please request the service for as many applications you would like. Each initial file review is $60 and subsequent reviews will be $20 should you desire more feedback after making changes.