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    My name is Thea, and I am an incoming 1L student at UBC's Peter A. Allard School of Law.

    I completed my undergraduate degree in 2020 at UBC. I applied and was accepted to UBC Law in the 2019-20 cycle, having successfully written the LSAT once and gone through the application process. I applied to only one university (UBC) and was accepted. While my LSAT and GPA statistics are in the median range for admittance, I believe my strengths lie in crafting personal statements, editing, and knowing how to express interest in the field of study.

    I am passionate about mentorship. Having gone through the law school application process alone, I wish I had someone to guide me and provide support with my LSAT and personal statement. I know that the cost of private tutors and courses are exorbitant, and I hope to alleviate some of that for students who can't afford to pay high fees. I have experience in mentorship, having founded and run my own mentorship organization this past year.

    What I can offer:
    I am willing to help pre-law students with LSAT guidance, provide editing help with their law school applications, as well as general advice on the application process. I am happy to chat about my journey to law school, and provide support to you on yours. Please feel free to shoot me a message - my rate is negotiable.

    I am based in Vancouver and I am flexible with meeting online or in-person.
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