Advising with Preppie is a flexible part-time job for current students or alumni in medical, law, dental, and graduate school. Preppie academic advisors choose their own hours and pay. Keep reading to find out more!

The Preppie philosophy

At Preppie, we believe that high quality and affordable academic advising should be available to all students.

Who can become Preppie advisors?

You can become a Preppie advisor if you are a current student or alumni in medicine, law, dentistry, or graduate studies, with expertise in admissions advising.

Why should I become an academic advisor?

Your advising can help the next generation of medical, law, dentistry, and graduate school students succeed and you can make money with a flexible job.

I’m a busy medical student. Can I manage a part-time job?

We understand that many of our advisors are full-time students. Don’t worry! As a Preppie advisor, you choose your hours and pay. You can even stop taking on new students with the click of a button.

How do I become an academic advisor?

It’s easy peasy!

Step 1 – Sign up

To sign up you’ll need an e-mail address or a Google, Twitter or Facebook account. For signing up click here.

Step 2 – Create an advisor profile

Add your photo as well as your educational background and admissions expertise in your profile under “descriptions”. The Preppie team reviews all advisor profiles. To view your profile, click here.

Step 3 – Post a service

Create a posting for a specific academic advising service. For example, a posting called “Interview Prep With Medical Student For 1 Hour”. In the posting, specify a price you think is fair, a description, and any extra services. Create 1 posting for each academic service and do not combine services into a single posting. For example, “interview prep” should be a separate posting from “application edits”. The Preppie‘s team validates each advisors and their posting before it is visible to students. To create a posting click here.

What happens after I post a service?

The student finds suitable advisors and pays for the service through Preppie. Therefore, advisors will have a higher chance of being chosen by students when their postings have relevant information such as what will be taught, method of delivery (ex. virtual meetings), time specification, etc. However, if more clarification is needed, students can directly message any advisor through the Preppie chat.

I received a notification that a student has signed up for my service. What do I do?

When a student signs up a service, the advisor will be notified via email and in the Preppie notifications. Firstly, find this order under ‘Dashboard – Tasks‘ and click ‘Start’ to begin your advising service. Depending on the service, you will need to gather information from the student. For example, you may need the student to send you specific application documents for editing or ask their availability for a virtual interview prep. Secondly, the advisor clicks ‘Deliver’ upon completing a service. Finally, the student clicks ‘Accept’ if they are happy with the service, and this completes the advising service.

How much money do advisors make with Preppie?

Our Preppie advisors decide for themselves what they think is a fair price for their advising services, while staying in line with the Preppie philosophy that academic advising should be affordable and available to everyone. For each service, the funds are divided in the following way:


How do I see how much money I have earned?

See your earnings grow by going to ‘My Profile – Revenues‘. You will find 3 categories for your balance:

Academic advisors (ex. medical school) can see their balance for the jobs completed

How do I withdraw my earnings from Preppie?

Hooray! We love to see advisors earning money for their valuable services. As a result, we’ve made it simple and secure for our advisors to withdraw their earnings. Go to ‘My Profile – Revenues‘ and find the ‘withdraw from your account’ section where you specify the amount to withdraw and request a secure code. Please note that the minimum amount you can withdraw is $100.

Withdraw funds from your account in the following ways:

Receiving reviews from students

By receiving reviews, you can get feedback on your advising. Also, these reviews give future students a great view into quality of your services. After the advising service is accepted by the student, they will be requested to leave a review for the advisor.

Taking a break from advising new students

We know that many of our advisors are full-time medical, law, dentistry, or graduate school students and advising is a part-time job. As a result, we encourage advisors to archive their postings if they cannot take on new students. But you can re-activate your posting at any time. You can archive a posting by going to ‘Dashboard – My Jobs‘ and pressing the ‘Archive’ button. If you’d like postings permanently deleted, contact